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Woosehill Watercolour Group downloadable resources

Note: All the sheets in the ring-binder can be printed out from the original PDFs. Email the file(s)  to Louise Cole at St Pauls ( by Monday evening and you will be able to pick them up on Wednesday.

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 First stage watercolour kit

Contains information and links to where the items can be bought

Care of brushes

A little care will save a lot of ruined brushes

Next stage watercolour kit

Contains information and links to where the items can be bought

Session 1 – wet on dry and layering colour

Each greetings card is designed to give you practice at a specific watercolour technique. This lavender design will give you practice at wet-on-dry, and layering colour – two very important basic skills.

Session 2 – getting to know your paint properties

Different watercolour paints have different properties – some are transparent – some are opaque – some are granulating. It’s helpful to know the properties of your own paints – so that you can use them to best advantage. It also helps to know this because it makes a big difference when it comes to mixing colours.

Session 3 – lifting colour   plus:   plant pot (4)

The object of this exercise is to better understand your paint properties – and to use a lifting paint to create highlights. This gives a 3-D effect and makes the image almost step out of the page.

Session 4 – Mixing colours   plus  (colour test chart)

Paint a colour wheel in order to see how many colours can be mixed from the three primary colours

Session 5 – Laying a wash wet-on-dry

How to lay a wash – then use the technique to paint a lake scene

Session 6 – Wet-into-wet

This technique allows colours to flow and blend into one another in beautiful, unexpected ways, creating a diffused effect.

Loose Ends

This is a more advanced wet-into-wet exercise – these loosely-painted sweet peas demonstrate the beauty of wet-into-wet