Harvest Festival

It’s 25 years since the keys to the new church building were handed over –
so it was a very special Harvest Festival Sunday

These past weeks, we’ve all been adding our hand-prints to a new altar cloth.

A lot of work went into decorating the church!

The donated food will go to Yeldall Manor and Wokingham Food Bank

Patrick welcomed us all . . .

. . . and the celebrations began

At Woosehill Church we’re blessed with a very talented music group

Andrew, Bishop of Reading – inspiring as always!

A group prayer of dedication of  the new altar cloth – and of ourselves – to building community here on Woosehill. God has no hands but ours!

Thank you to all who donated food

Here’s to the next 25 years!

We are blessed with some very talented flower-arrangers in our church. Well done all!

One thought on “Harvest Festival

  1. Eileen – Thank you so much for sending me the photos which are superb, you are an excellent photographer! A lovely reminder of a happy occasion.

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