John Lewis carpet

These indentations were created – not by furniture – but by an ironing board – used for only a couple of hours!  That was weeks ago and this photo was taken today, the 19th July. There has been no reduction in the indentations over these weeks


This indentation is from one of the sofa legs. I’d put magiglide sliders on the botton of the legs to prevent the legs from snagging the carpet when the sofa was moved. There are more indentations from the armchairs and even from the coffee tables

Here are the identations of the square cups that I bought to try to spread the load – in the hope of decreasing the amount of indentation. They simply made wider indentations – and the original circular indentation in the middle of one of the square indentations can still be seen.

This is some of the rogue wool that was spotted on the day that the carpets were being fitted

But mending the rogue wool in the carpet isn’t going to solve the problem of the indentations.


Please click below to download a PDF of the estimate appointment for the 24th Jan 2018, showing that we ordered crumb rubber underlay.  It also shows the estimate of the 27th – showing the crumb rubber and felt underlay that we had been advised was best for the carpet.

John Lewis underlay